Alessandro de Stefano

Art designer

Sculptures, Paintings and Narrative Walls

Art Without Borders


Paintings that contain a mix of painting and sculpture, movement and stillness, abstraction and figuration; a true and proper performative process with a combination of diverse materials.

My experimental path leads to unusual pictorial techniques mixing colours with chemical and natural substances, resins and gypsum, thus creating unusual masterpieces.
I do paintings with companies’ Logos and customer portraits.


Each wall is custom-made according to the tastes and needs of the customer and carries with it the uniqueness of the work itself.

All the walls are different and you wouldn’t find two identical in the world.

Size, colors, details and structure will be agreed with the customer to create a truly unique work of art.


My sculptures give your home a refined and artistic taste; it is an element that promotes harmony and beauty.

Aesthetically, a sculpture greatly enhances the space, adorns it and conveys a cultural character, like an art gallery.

Through sculptural decoration the decorative space becomes art.

Transversal Art Visions

My Projects
from Milan to Miami and New York


Spending time in a home where art is part of the interior as organically as my walls, is good for relationships, from couples to family to friendships.

It leads to discussion and develops a greater sense of empathy, that is, of active listening and understanding, of sharing emotions. 


The wall comes to life as the light changes, resulting in a living work in the home that stimulates feelings and causes immense serenity and tranquillity.

In addition to fostering imagination and sensory stimulation, it triggers physiological and psychological responses associated with emotions.

New York

Creating is not only art but a path of spiritual growth.

It is an expansion of the mind and heart, a vision of the world and nature, the cosmos and human consciousness.


Custom-made Walls Tailored to Your Tastes and Needs

Creating Unique Works of Art

Every wall is individually crafted to cater to the preferences and requirements of the client, embodying the distinctiveness of the artwork itself.

Each wall possesses its own distinct characteristics, ensuring that no two are ever identical.

The dimensions, colors, intricate details, and structure will be meticulously discussed with the client, resulting in the creation of an unparalleled and very personal masterpiece.

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